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Beijing Jiang Tai Hotel (Previous Beijing Jiang Tai Art Hotel) is located in the Lido and Dashan Electronic City business districts, close to the 798 Art District. It can quickly reach the Capital International Airport through the Sanyuanqiao Airport Express Rail.

Beijing Jiang Tai Hotel (Previous Beijing Jiang Tai Art Hotel) takes art as a whole. The sixth floor of the hotel is based on Beijing opera, opera and dance themes, and the rooms are decorated with the theme of Shengdanjingshu and the world-famous classic opera and dance.

The fifth floor is a film-themed whole, with a variety of film themes and work-themed special rooms taking you into a distinctive movie hall.
Stepping into the fourth floor, there are beautiful Chinese style displays, including various Chinese art displays such as landscapes, pottery, blue and white, cloisonne, etc.

The third floor is idyllic nature landscape, and there are also wrap-around junior suites with the theme of rhythm and fashion, giving you a restful environment for artistic enjoyment.

The hotel also has a tea room, chess room, massage room, foot bath, Chinese restaurant, lobby bar, bar, cafe, etc., giving people a refreshing, value-for-money experience.